BDMSoftSolutions is an interactive creative agency. We envision, design and produce interactive communication of visual and technical excellence. As a custom software development company we can develop the exact kind of software dedicated to your business needs. That meens your business will have a unique custom website, a unique custom billing software or any other software you need.
    We develop custom desktop applications for Windows 7 and Linux, complex custom websites with MySQL databases in backend to provide dynamic content. We don't sell a custom software developed for a client to another client and we don't use any open source scripts but only if our clients requests such thing.
User Development Interface
We pay great attention to the ways users consume informations through the site. We believe interfaces should be build on concepts of ease, eficiency, memorability and enjoyment. In our work we use an eye-tracking system to analyze and test user-interfaces for the better understanding of user behavior.
Visual Design Development
We are very carefull concerning design as it serves to major objectives: help users to navigate and get appropriate experience, as well as deliver you brand identity and positioning. Brand identity is very important to the success of any message. If your brand already has a strong presence in a market, we will carefully study the brand-book or guidelines to better understand and get better involvement with it. On the other hand, if you don't have any brand-book/guidelines yet , we can do it for you.
Website Analytics
We engage with our clients to help them understand current user behavior, trends and site performance, and provide solutions which encompass the fulllife-cycle of successfull analysis: goal identification and implementation, reporting and ongoing adaptation.
Search Engine Optimization
Search is the cornerstone of the web. How can we make you more findable? We define an approach that works not only for initial development and search , but also provides a platform for flexibility and adjustement as the search landscapes changes.
Viral Content Sending
We take a "seed" (viral video, photo, audio or even widget) and put in on fertile "ground" (blogs, formus. social networks, video-hostings, etc.). Then we add some "water" (buzz-support of viral content) and all You have to do – is to see your "virus" growing and spredding arround the web.
   Buzz – is what users are actively talking about . We can make You become an object of such "buzz" – that will increase awareness of You among users and involve them in online-conversations with you.
Promo and Contests
Users like online-contests. It's perfect tool to build deep interaction with target audience, increase loyalty of existing consumers, inform users about new products, initiate trial purchases and rise public awareness. We can plan, organize and manage contest in a "right way" – so it could breed "buzz" or even Viral-effect in the Web.
   We develop custom desktop applications for Windows 7 and Linux Fedora / CentOs operating sistems. We offer complex custom websites with MySQL/PostgreSQL databases in backend to provide dynamic content. We can also offer audit services according to ISO 27001 for testing your IT security and give suggestions for some improvements. We develop custom robotic software for various types of robots like Whitebox RD-914 or Hitech Robonova.